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My Mykonos…

September 6, 2017

There are some things, some people and some places that since anyone has experienced them once…, remain vivid for a lifetime… There is a special energy or an exceptional chemistry, or just the personal specific taste that determines those kind of situations and even if you would like to be apart , is impossible…  In my case,  as far as Mykonos is concerned, I have to admit that if I haven’t spent even a few days on this island in the summertime , I think something is missing from the recharching of my batteries for the upcoming autumn & winter. Despite the fact that the place is popular and consequently crowded, I spent some of my most memorable summer time there and I would love to share some of my precious lonely moments there with you…!


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


The windmills Kato Myloi are situated southwest of Mykonos Town – Hora, next to the sea, between scenic Alefkadra and the quarter of Niohori, and impress every visitor with their snow-white magnificence, built in a row, looking to the sea.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


Today, seven have been preserved out of ten (once there were more than twenty on the island), which existed here until the first decades of the 20th century and used to grind with the unstoppable power of the northern wind the local wheat. It is the perfect place to start breathing the unique oxygen of the windy island combined with the stunning sea view.

The Windmills of Mykonos, early processing units, decisively contributed between the 17th and the 19th century to the economic prosperity of the island, which, being a necessary station for the passing sailboats, supplied them with rusk. After  the 1st World War, through the progress of technology they lost their financial value and were finally marked as one of the most popular monuments of the Cyclades islands and, their picture as a trademark travelled all around the world.


Overlooking Little Venice




Little Venice – Where the most western part of the town meets the sea is the area known as “Little Venice”. Here the buildings have been constructed right on the sea”s edge with their balconies overhanging the water. During the 16th and 17th century pirating was common and it is believed this area was used for the necessary quick loading and unloading of goods.





Mykonos Chora is definitely one of the nicest and most charming towns of the Greek islands, with endless small streets, shops, brandname stores , churches , terraces and  sugar cubed ,whitewashed houses.



A place to wonder around for days and every time find something unexpected. Because of the street layout (intended to confuse pirates) it”s also the perfect place to lose your way.



It has two harbours where you can just sit and have a drink or something to eat, while enjoying the views and the people that walk by, and another harbour where the ferries depart. Some ferries however dock at Tourlos, which is a half an hour walk away from Mykonos town itself.



Behind the harbour front you will find endless (and very clean!) shopping streets with high end boutiques ,  souvenirs ,  jewellery stores and numerous art galleries.




I never skip to visit Linea Piu, the small Chanel  kingdom of the island…, where there is a big variety of beloved pieces.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


Town  hotels and guesthouses,  and many, many  restaurants. Most ticket offices for the ferries are on the main boulevard.



Mykonos Chora is quite large for a Cycladic town. All the houses are painted white and have brightly coloured shutters in front of the windows, mostly blue, green and red. The village goes steeply up the hill with roads and also with stairs on some places.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


The narrow streets close to the harbour buzz with activity. They are filled with attractive small shops, Bougainville trees in purple bloom, small cafes and chapels and that usually end up at a square with a terraced restaurant and a church, or at the harbour front with its colourful fishing boats, the row of windmills and a pelican or two.



Dressed up people mingle with the ones that don”t care so much  and if there is not too much wind (because the “meltemi” can blow from day to day) they all end up in the harbour where the majority of the big restaurants are.



Saint George’s Chapel in the center of Matogianni, is one my favorite points of  the island. Although at night time is too crowded, a visit during the day is simply gorgeous…! I adore the place…!



Some of the nice, pleasant and cheaper restaurants can be found in the small streets behind the harbour front though.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


The island was quiet and peaceful until it was discovered by shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, who brought Jackie Kennedy to the island. Since then, owning a house on the island has been considered a status symbol by wealthy Athenians.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


Mykonos is also the place that Shirley Valentine came to and “found herself”. It is also home for Petros the pelican. He was one of a flock which flew to Mykonos from the mainland in the 1950″s.




Unlike most island ports, the main town is built not on a hillside but spread out over a flat plain. The harbour area is split between the fishing quay, with its small boats beached on the sand, and the main port where the ferries pull in and tarmac and concrete make up the view.



Most traffic is banned from the waterfront and new building is confined to the outskirts so the only way to explore is on foot, getting lost in the maze of streets.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


On a once-fortified spit of land stands Panagia Paraportiani,

probably the most photographed church in Greece. It is, in fact a cluster of chapels fused into what was once described as “an organic masterpiece of accidental architecture” and there are also the trademark quartet of windmills on the hillside above.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.



Actually this is my favorite church in Greece  and I never skip to pass by , despite the fact that I have never managed to get  inside , because it is always locked…


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


Take a (possibly choppy) boat ride to the fascinating archaeological site on Delos islet, the ancient Aegean’s main religious centre. Back in Mýkonos Town, the Archaeological Museum’s ancient pottery collection may not sound wildly exciting at first, but this one really grows on you.


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.


I like Ornos Beach with Kuzina Restaurant and the latest Pasaji,



but don’t just flop on the beach afterwards – take the plunge off of the island’s more sheltered south coast at Paradise or Kalafáti coves’ legal scuba-dive sites. If you would like something alternative,  Agios Sostis Beach in the north of Mykonos is  one of the nicest and most relaxed beaches of the island. The beach is named after a nearby church which stands above it. The place there  is pretty uncultivated, that’s why  it’s mostly quiet.

Principote at Panormos is also very famous , nice location , protected from the winds , in a delightfully relaxed and elegant environment.



Don’t anyone miss Scorpios  , it is surely  the best place to Be on the island …!


Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.



Nested between the bays of Kavos and Paraga, the  organic stretch of coastline is a welcoming place where horizons of blue mix with yellows, golds and pinks born of the generous Cycladic sun.



Σχετική εικόνα


It is an amazing place,  really atmospheric in bohemian style. Gorgeous food & Cocktails are served .The venue is  ideal for sunset time & night parties. Don’t skip a Sunday afternoon party..! A super must of Mykonos! I highly recommend it..!




My Mykonian look :


Jumpsuit : Zara

Bag: Chloe’ 

Watch : Rolex

Sunglasses : Rayban

Shoes : Jessica Simson

Kaftan : Handmade , Unique piece  by Local  Boutique in Mykonos


photos:  Themis Iakovakis  Mykonos

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