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Four Purses that Definitely Worth Investing In

April 16, 2018

As property prices soar and fewer young people than ever are able to invest in their first property, thoughts turn to what we should be spending our money on. So, until the housing market takes a dip, we’ve decided to listen to the Vogue experts,  who famously want  to have her investments “hanging in the closet”. Or more specifically, sitting on the bag shelf. Some designer handbags depreciate faster than a new car, but others hold – or even increase – their value. See the here:



£1000 – Chanel, Timeless


“A fashion classic, the Chanel Timeless is a fail proof investment and is the best selling bag on Vestiaire Collective since our launch in 2009, it ranks number one on our Global Bag Index. Stylish in black velvet, it is the only bag thats increases in retail value each year. I think it’s really stood the test of time due to its classic style, as its name indicates, there is no era in which this bag doesn’t work: worn by everyone over the last 60 years from Kate Moss to Bianca Jagger to Catherine Deneuve – its a powerful fashion statement but without being too ‘visible’ and really is worth investing in.”



The story behind

They found themselves sitting beside each other by chance one day in 1983, on an Air France flight from Paris to London. She was Jane Birkin. Singer, actress and mother of three – Kate (16), Charlotte (12) and baby Lou born the previous year, she had recently met Jacques Doillon and made her arthouse cinema debut. He was Jean-Louis Dumas. Five years earlier, he had taken over the leather goods company founded by his great-grandfather.



It was a short flight, but it didn’t take long for the conversation to take off between the two sharp-witted seatmates. When Jane dropped her Hermes diary, scattering a flurry of papers, her gentlemanly neighbor came to her aid. She grumbled that diaries were never able to hold all of her bits of paper and bags never had enough pockets! He introduced himself and promised, while he couldn’t revolutionize her diaries, he could at least have her dream bag made for her in his workshops. She explained what she wanted. He took notes and stepped off the plane with a preliminary sketch. They met up in the workshop, where the craftsmen took care of the rest.

There was no question about what to call it. The variety of leathers and colors, teamed with the creativity of the Leather Goods Design Studio, has given birth to a broad range of models, keeping this story alive after more than 30 years.

 Yes, Hermes Birkin bags are very expensive. Such a handbag can cost thousands of dollars, to say the least, and it goes without saying that not many people can afford them. The highest price paid for a Hermes bag was $379,261.


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