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Sea & Sky Villa Santorini , the serene hideaway above Caldera

August 26, 2017

In Sea and Sky Villa, time seems to stand still.  Sea looks even bluer than usual and the sky seems to be kind of  your friend, inviting you to stay there forever…  The view is simply breathtaking and the peaceful surrounding  comes across as a unique and special cure to all the problems of  the mankind… The beautiful & tranquil villa  is located at the famous village of Imerovigli, the highest point of Caldera. A wonderful place , natural observatory , full of hotels,  restaurants, gorgeous historical churches and unique spots with the most enchanting view over the Caldera. Please , let me give you a tour of the imperturbable  property and the  pictureque village of Imerovigli in general…


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Santorini…! Whatever you need to know about the Mystique Island

August 13, 2017

How can be possible to fit an island like Santorini with its volcanic flavors, exquisite attractions, long & rich historical heritage , innumeral hiden corners, and unique magic in one post -even if it is bigger than normally… How can the beauty of its sunset be captured on a screen and how can the colors of the horizon be fitted in my pages…? Whatever the answer can be , I wish you enjoy every single part of this post because the Beauty is everywhere and it is even more precious when we share it…!

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Boheme Villa Santorini… Explore & book..!

August 1, 2017


The infinite power of Caldera, the incredible beauty of the sunrise, the magic time of the sunset… My bare feet inside the black sand…, Amazing Cocktails…, Late Afternoons in the dark blue sea…, Cool evenings catching the glorious sunset in Oia…, every night playing hide-and-seek with the moon- beholding the shape that it has today and the shape it will get tomorrow… A stunning moon  that sets off at Anafi and ends up plunging into the tranquil volcano , no matter its size… These are only just a few of the things that have seduced me in Santorini.

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Jackie Kennedy’s Stunning Childhood Home is currently on the Market

June 26, 2017

Merrywood, Jackie Kennedy’s Stunning Childhood Home is now on the market for  $49.5 million.

Jackie Kennedy is often associated with homes. The Georgetown townhouse where she and her husband once lived, the Hyannis Port compound where she and her young family often vacationed, and of course, the White House—which she extensively redecorated. But even before the Camelot years, the former Jacqueline Bouvier was well accustomed to gracious and gorgeous interiors. Continue Reading…

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Meet the absolute Mykonian style with premium luxury at the Pasiphae Villa

August 5, 2015

Whether you like the  Mykonos cosmopolitan atmosphere or you prefer an idilyc shelter to be calm and peace, this excellent traditional Mykonian villa  offers the perfect combination for famlies or parties up to  20 people.

The Villa is nestled on the  Paradise area cliffs  overlooking the Aegean sea. The view is breathtaking…! It is located  between the popular Paraga and Paradise beaches, in a privileged place  of unique  natural beauty and awesome surroundings.

The spacious  interior is strongly inspired  by Ancient Greek Culture, with  original art pieces all over the space, handmade furniture , of  premium wood and white textiles of high quality. White handmade curtains , made of linen and handmade lace, white textiles , relaxing  atmosphere with original signatute… Continue Reading…

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Mykonos dream Villas by Panos Zinas , a fascinating reality for exclusive guests…

July 29, 2015

Nuzzled amidst the gracious nature the exclusive suites and unrivalled Zinas luxury villas in Mykonos harmoniously blend into the miraculous seascape providing an intimate hideaway for couples and discerning travelers in search for a heaven on earth. Brilliantly positioned in the scenic area of Kastro near Mykonos town these exclusive semi-private suites and villa rentals with pool have been brilliantly appointed and designed to ensure a prestigious holiday experience for all treasured guests. Book a Villa here: Continue Reading…

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Michael Bay’s High-Style Hollywood Home

June 27, 2015

It is one the most Stylish House of Hollywood Hills. Feats of architectural derring-do have long had their place in the hills and canyons of Los Angeles, where gravity-defying midcentury landmarks such as John Lautner’s Sheats-Goldstein residence and Pierre Koenig’s Stahl House test the structural and aesthetic limits of cliffside living. New to that esteemed lineage is the recently completed home of Michael Bay, a filmmaker known for action-packed big-budget blockbusters like the Transformers series,Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. From such a maestro of spectacular effects one might expect a place with more than just a hint of drama. It does not disappoint. Filmmaker Michael Bay’s latest hit is a cinematic Los Angeles home where macho minimalism meets high-octane architectural drama. See it… Continue Reading…

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Cindy Crawford goes for nearly triple price on her 11-month Malibu home

June 21, 2015

Less than a year ago, supermodel Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber, bought a dated rancher on an acre and a half in Malibu for $6 million. Conventional wisdom declared the 1958 house a teardown. But they must have decided its bones were good enough, because they decided to go the remodel route instead.

Just 11 months later, the house is already back on the market, with mostly the same numbers that were reported last year: current listing still says the house was built in 1958, and it still notes the exact same square footage — 3,651 — as last year’s listing. It still has 4 bedrooms and 4 (and a half) bathrooms. Continue Reading…

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White & Black in its best ever !

June 17, 2015

A blank canvas is white, but not every blank canvas is waiting for a brushstroke to make it complete. The  home featured in this post is feature bright white walls, cool cream furniture, and plenty of blank open space. But the designs of this home do not cry out for more color or more art, instead the white spaces open the home and help to turn the people who live there, who entertain there, and who visit there, into the real focal point of the design. Continue Reading…