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Boheme Villa Santorini… Explore & book..!

August 1, 2017


The infinite power of Caldera, the incredible beauty of the sunrise, the magic time of the sunset… My bare feet inside the black sand…, Amazing Cocktails…, Late Afternoons in the dark blue sea…, Cool evenings catching the glorious sunset in Oia…, every night playing hide-and-seek with the moon- beholding the shape that it has today and the shape it will get tomorrow… A stunning moon  that sets off at Anafi and ends up plunging into the tranquil volcano , no matter its size… These are only just a few of the things that have seduced me in Santorini.



In my latest trip there, there were so many things to do and share…, so I decided to start with a glorious villa in Pyrgos, where I found out through a prudent reserch involving friends and natives and I would like to present it to you as I’m sure that it will be proved to be a great choice if anybody wants to visit the magic island.


The villa is located at Pyrgos, as it was mentioned , just a few minutes away from the Monastery of Prophet Elias. It is magic place, tranquil and peaceful that can guarantee intimacy and serenity.


It is a 200 sqm, cozy luxury villa, built up to the Pyrgos area, having to capacity to host up  to 10 people.

The breathtaking view is unique .

The villa is ideal for families or friends .

The whole area has a lot of things to offer, such as historical sites and restaurants, monasteries, interesting pathways.

In Pyrgos there are 56 churches. The oldest of them Theotikaki was built in the 11th century. St. Georgios in Kelefhio, which used to serve as a refuge for the inhabitants at the time of pirate raids. At the Monastery of Prophet Elias you will enjoy one of the best views. The Boheme villa is located just some metres away from the Monastery, that is why its view is awesome.



About Pyrgos …

        Pyrgos Kallistis or simply Pyrgos (GreekΠύργος Καλλίστης, literally ‘Tower’) is a village on the Aegean island of SantoriniGreece, in the Cyclades archipelago with a population of 912 according to the 2011 census. Pyrgos is part of the Municipality of Thira and is situated approximately 7 km away from the island’s capital Fira.  It is built amphitheatrically on a hill that offers magnificent views of Santorini in almost all directions.



On top of this hill remain the ruins of a Venetian castle (Kasteli) that was once the island’s administrative center. Pyrgos is a typical example of medieval architecture with narrow, labyrinthine streets, fortified walls and hidden passages. Nowadays it is one of the villages of Santorini least spoiled by tourism.











The price for this magnificent villa is really lure and there is a couple of things that is granted if you stay at a  minimux  of four days.

The daily rent is 2.250 euros for the whole house and there is also a BMW X5 available (or something similar in the same category)

if you stay four of more days.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bmw x5 2017



An one day cruise with Catamaran around the Santorinian gulfs with full service, Champagne and dinner inside the boat.


Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για santorini catamaran cruise pics



I hope you will enjoy it…!


Booking  via email at :


Happy Holidays in Santorini…!


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