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Mykonos, the hot summer destination

July 30, 2016

Undouptfully it is one of the most beautiful places  on earth. The mystique Greek Island of Mykonos is the crown Jewel of the Cycladic islands. It is known for being a party scene during the summer months. However, the island has much diversity to it, which few people know about. The island  is of course the best place to be through summer time. 

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Some days after the stunning wedding of Anna Beatriz Barros and Karim El Chiaty, plenty of celebrities flock to the greek island in order to enjoy a gorgeous summer atmosphere in a unique environment. Stunning beaches with incredible pure  water, the one and only aegean  architecture with white colored villas hanging on the cliffs, the hot sun , quality shopping, numerous galleries , gorgeous food and  of course the most fantastic night life.

Mykonos has witnessed the Zeus war against the Titans on its rugged terrain. The name of the island is a tribute to Mykons, Apollo’s grandson. Nothing seems to have changed on this island. The tourist never miss a chance to watch the golden glory of the sun shimmering on the shores in the morning. In the evening, the sky takes on a soft pastel hue as the sun sets.

The windy island

There are two seasonal winds in Mykonos. The one in winter arrives from the south and is sometimes accompanied by electrical storms. The Sirocco, a famous southern wind, carries sands from the deserts that border the Mediterranean. In the summer a cooling wind comes from the north, the Meltemi, during July and August.


Tria Pigadia are three identical wells standing in a row in the middle of the main town, Chora. They were built in 1722 to provide the town with water. Unlike most modern wells which are over 30 metres deep, the Tria Pigadia are only 5–6 metres deep as they were dug into sand where water was more easily accessible.

Don’ t forget to taste the local food specialities , like

Panagia Paraportiani – (the Church of Our Lady)

Panagia Paraportiani – (the Church of Our Lady) one of the most famous architectural structures in Greece.

Φωτογραφία της Georgia Papantonopoulou.

The church received its name Paraportiani, which means “standing next to the entrance / door”, because it was located next to the entrance of the ancient castle, or kastro door. The neighbourhood of Kastro, where it is situated, used to be the site of a medieval castle – in those days a castle was a strong fortification surrounding a settlement – constructed in 1207 by the Gisi family, who controlled the island at the time.

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The castle was destroyed in the 16th century and its remnants covered up by new buildings when Chora began to expand in the 18th century. It took around 200 years to build the church. Construction began in the 15th century and was not completed until the 17th century. Its architectural quirkiness makes it one of the most photographed places in the world.

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Little Venice

Little Venice – rows of fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies hanging over the sea. The first of these was constructed in the mid-18th century. They originally belonged to rich merchants or captains and the little basement doors that provided direct access to the sea and underground storage areas led people to believe that the owners were secretly pirates.

Some of the houses have now been converted into bars and cafes and little shops and galleries. Little Venice is considered one of the most romantic spots on the island and many people gather there to watch the sunset. The area attracts many artists who come to paint the picturesque coastline.

Dreeses : Cinema by Panos Zinas,

Sunglasses : Dolce & Gabbana

Makeup : Chanel

Photos : Themis Iakovakis





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