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Mykonos, the hot summer destination

July 30, 2016

Undouptfully it is one of the most beautiful places  on earth. The mystique Greek Island of Mykonos is the crown Jewel of the Cycladic islands. It is known for being a party scene during the summer months. However, the island has much diversity to it, which few people know about. The island  is of course the best place to be through summer time.  Continue Reading…

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Just to wish you A Happy New Year…!

December 31, 2015

As there are only some hours before 2015 come to its end  I  feel this small nostalgia for the happy moments of past year, the preparations for the big welcome of 2016 are to the pick, the house is already smells ambrosial from my mum’s gorgeous food, our Santa Clauss cake is already in the dining table,  I would like to share with you my fashion proposals for tonight. Continue Reading…

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Party Season Pre-tox

December 30, 2015

No free nights in your diary until the first week of Jan? Us too. It’s overwhelming, but you can’t avoid work events, pre-Christmas dinners (with different friendship groups, nonetheless) and family traditions. Don’t stress. You can survive it all with a little smart preparation. Follow this three-step plan to stay strong through the party-season. May the force be with you…  Continue Reading…

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Pre Christmas celebrations in Corfu

December 24, 2015

As the most glamorous time of the year is coming to the pick, I chose the Noble Mistress of  Ionian Islands , Corfu to spend some idylic winter holidays , before the big celebrations of Christmas day.

The weather spoiled me, I got confused a little bit , walking between spring and fall, but winter no way in this magical place.  The sun was shining and the sea was so blue and clear  and I swear …hot( ! ) that I couldn’t resist of a December plunge into the amazing water of Komeno gulf. Continue Reading…

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Georgia Papadon get’s ready for NEW YEAR’ S GETAWAY

December 31, 2014

Georgia  Papadon get’s ready for



Hi, my friends,

I’m Georgia Papadon and this is the very first time , I communicate with you as a blogger.

It’s been about a year since  I firstly had the idea of blogging.  Actually I din’t know how to start and I didn’t have  any special  tecnique about how to manage with it… Now, I know that what  is realy important , is any idea itself.  When you can imagine, then you can hold… So I made my idea, reality through my this newborn brainchild,, which is the one belongs to me and to  all  of you,  ALL the friends and followers worldwide who have common attitude for the life and we  share the point of view  for  Classy & Fabulous way of  Living in every aspect of our life.


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